Colon Hydrotherapy can be developed into an art which requires experience and skill. Practiced correctly with the hands of a skilled therapist, Colon Therapy can greatly improve the health and well-being of your clients and increase income for your practice.

Dr. Hope Fay is a leading expert in Colonics who can help you grow your business by:

  • Introducing Colon Hydrotherapy into your practice
  • Training and mentoring new Colon Therapists
  • Further developing the skills of experienced Colon Therapists
  • Helping your staff and physicians discuss benefits of Colonics with clients

Meet Colon Hydrotherapy Consultant, Dr. Hope Fay. A Naturopathic Physician in private practice for 33 years, Dr. Fay has mastered the art of Colon Hydrotherapy. Over the last 37 years she has given thousands of colonics, trained others to give colonics, and been a consultant, mentor and elder to those who want to understand what’s possible with in-depth Colon Therapy practices.

“Hydrotherapy is one of the foundational tools of Naturopathic Medicine. Today we are over loaded with toxins in our air, water, food and medicines. Cleansing should be our first treatment. When utilized in the form of Colon Therapy, it has brought about amazing changes in the body.

If you have clients that are not improving with various treatments they are receiving, return to the foundational practice of a cleanse.”

If you would like to discuss this opportunity in more detail, please email or call to set up an appointment with Dr. Fay.

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