Colon Therapy: Crucial in our Modern World

Today I want to talk about Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as Colon irrigation or Colonics, and why it is so crucial in our modern world.

I’ve been practicing Colon Therapy for about 33 years now and I find it one of the most effective tools for increasing vitality in a person simply by unloading toxic waste that is in the body and that is not being released on its own. What is toxic waste?

Every cell in our body makes waste and that is millions of cells that make waste, and if we don’t eliminate as our bodies are meant to then the system slows down and soon malfunctions. The story does not end there because we also live in a world full of toxic chemicals, our food even what seems healthy foods could be grown with chemicals, our air and water is often full of toxins, viruses, bacteria, molds and parasites which live in our bodies also produce toxins. All this makes up toxic waste.

We live in an incredible world full of wonder and beauty, and it is also full of things which our bodies were not designed to live with that cause harm to our very delicate nervous systems.

Most people in this day and age do not eliminate as their bodies are meant to. Our bodies are meant to eliminate waste within about an hour after every meal, and yet most people eliminate waste maybe once a day or every other day, and I have met those who eliminate maybe once a week. Some think that is normal and they are being told by many medical professionals that infrequent or irregular elimination is normal for them. I want you to know that is not normal and it is not healthy.

How often do you maintenance your car, or change the oil. Well, what about your body? If we don’t change the oil in our car it becomes sluggish and soon it affects the function of the engine and other parts. The same goes for our bodies. If we don’t clean the blood, if we don’t get the waste out, if we don’t detoxify the cells in our body it will become sluggish and soon it can’t work properly.

Even our medical books state clearly that our bodies are meant to eliminate about 1 hour after filling our stomachs with food. This is called the “Gastric Colic Reflex”, and first thing in the morning when we rise we should have a mass emptying of the large intestine. This is called the “Mass Reflex”.
Research is now clearly showing that the gut is called the “second brain” so whatever happens in the gut affects our brain and can lead to inflammation of the brain, causing depression, anxiety, and foggy thinking not to mention the impact the brain has on the whole body. The gut is the primary factor in our health and well-being.

Imagine if you lived in a house and you couldn’t take the garbage out, and you couldn’t flush the toilet after every bowel movement, how soon would you be sick, or maybe you could flush the toilet every other day or once a week even and yet this is what modern medicine is telling people that it’s OK, this is normal.

I am asking you to think for yourself. If what I am telling you makes any sense, then consider what it is you can change in your life that will assist your body to work more effectively.

Colon Therapy is a way to unload a vast amount of waste and toxicity in a short period of time. This therapy coupled with a cleansing diet, plenty of good water, fresh air, and movement over a month’s time can dramatically change how you feel.

After 33 years of being in practice, and thousands of clients, I can say from experience that Colon Therapy is one of my most effective tools for speedy recovery of your health and well being.

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