Naturopathic Medicine – An Alternate View

Naturopathic medicine is the treatment prescribed in Naturopathy. Naturopathy is a type of therapy offered by natural elements in and around the body. They do not support vaccination and also do not follow the scientific ways of treating somebody. But like other approaches it also tries to avoid surgery and invasive treatments.

The word ‘Naturopathy’ has come out of Greek language. It means illness related to nature. That is why the natural products are utilized. They do not recommend conventional drugs, syrups, injections or any other invasive procedure. Instead, they use Acupuncture, medicines derived from plants, Color therapy; Ozone therapy, etc. naturopaths believe that proper and adequate contact with natural elements will free a body of its diseases. There is a lot of emphasis on sun rays, water, colors, aroma, cold and hot treatments and clean breathing. As mental health is also of primary importance in naturopathy; meditation and stress management are also prescribed. Diagnosis is also more focused on the natural elements of the body. Instead of focusing on the immediate disease or problem, naturopaths pay attention towards the whole body and mind. A detailed study of patient’s physical attributes, habits, and hereditary issues are taken care of. The emotional and mental situation is also considered.

Naturopaths or Alternative Therapists, as they are usually called, have six principles on which they work. Firstly, they pledge not to cause any damage to the body and provide the best possible treatment for the disease. Secondly, the motive is to understand and encourage the utilization of natural elements present in and around the body. Nature-derived treatment will always be respected. Thirdly, the cause of the problem should be judged correctly. Efforts to repress the problem are not commendable. Fourthly, teach the patient about its ability to self-heal. Fifthly, the whole body should be treated taking into account all the factors. Factors such as emotions and hereditary issues should not be ignored. Lastly, Naturopaths aim to avoid diseases and serve the humanity.

The approach of naturopaths is highly questioned. Recently their effectiveness was also questioned due to lack of proof. The naturopathic medicines have not proved anything positive in some important diseases. Also, the course of treatment differs with every patient. The acceptance of the approach also depends on many factors. The medicines used by therapists are nature inspired. Botanical medicines are primarily used. Some plants have medicinal properties so their leaves, flowers, roots, stems or seeds can be utilized. This way of treatment is encouraged by various organizations to promote cost – effective methods of treating people. Such plants are planted and invested upon by different firms. Homeopathy form of treatment is followed in all over the world. It is considered very safe and can be used for infants and lactating mothers as well. Homeopathic medicines come in the form of pallets, tinctures, lotions, etc. Many people follow homeopathic treatment for its safe and comparatively cost effective course. Many times, diagnosis is made through physician examination and hair analysis.

To conclude, we can say that naturopathy is a related dicey topic. It is criticized and not recognized by many. Naturopaths also, in turn, do not promote common scientific drugs. But when it comes to safe and natural method, it is not a useless idea. It is followed by many and people have seen positive effects. Choosing an expert and trusted therapist is, of course, a must.

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