Dr. Hope, as her clients call her has been in private practice since 1986. Having received her degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, she went on to get her degree in Midwifery. Dr. Hope has also done further studies in the areas of:

Colon Hyrdotherapy
Family Constellations
Emotional Freedom Technique
Pre and Perinatal Psychology
IV Therapy

When you work with The Hope Clinic, you will find Dr. Hope willing to explore with you the answers to any problems you may encounter in life, no matter the diagnosis you may have been given in the past.

Dr. Hope believes that our bodies are much like the Earth…and that what we require to be healthy is a balanced life. With this as her guiding point she takes the time to listen, and by listening she begins to walk with her clients as they go deeply into themselves…what they think, feel, dream, desire for their lives. Only in this way can she be of best service in uncovering core issues that are obstacles to one’s health.

Dr. Hope also believes that knowing our own “true nature” is what will lead to not only health of body, but also mind and spirit. When you seek assistance from Dr. Hope, you will not only learn what your body needs, but also what your heart needs. You will always find an open door and a warm welcome when working with Dr. Hope.

The Hope Clinic


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