Hope Fay is a Medicine Woman, a keen and heart-centered listener, with the focus of healer who knows the service she provides starts with what she hears. Between the lines of my story, she sees what might be meanings waiting for a mutual remedy. I have benefited many times from my Medicine Woman’s wisdom, as I live the second-half of my life. Hope is a healer who welcomes my Ancestors’ guidance and weaves it with her own brand, experiences, and practice of broad-sensibilities and a finely-tuned gut. This is a woman who practices hana no’eau … wise work.
– Mahalo piha, Mokihana Calizar

Hope Fay is one of the most healing people I’ve ever had the honor to know. This is true of her both as a doctor and as a human being. Her dedication to the wellbeing of her patients is expecially profound. If you’ve never been truly seen and held by a physician, there is Hope.
– Drew Kampion, Clinton WA

Dr Hope is an astute and compassionate wise woman who skillfully guided me in finding what worked best for my body in order to heal. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Hope is the kind of health care professional that we all wish for. She is wise, caring, and experienced with the workings of the body. She takes her time in assessing your health needs, and is never incautious with her medical advice. cate

“Dr. Hope is one of the most genuine and helpful health care practitioners I have ever seen. She is knowledgeable, caring and explains health opportunities very clearly so that you can understand. I feel blessed to know her!”

It is so apparent to me that your parents named you so appropriately. You supported me and and shared your hope with me when I had none. You are an angel on earth. I was so sick physically and emotionally and you nurtured me spiritually and helped me heal physically. Your love, hope and guidance was a gift i’ll never forget.
With love and Gratitude,

“I love working with Hope. She made everything easy and has a caring and nurturing presence. I have confidence in her experience and expertise and I would highly recommend her services”.